Banish frumpy old Victrola design from your life with this wild art case type design executed in wicker.

Antique Victor Victrola VV X-A Oak Phonograph Parts Serial# 385164 Model Plate.

George Vollema. Edison and Columbia cylinder phonograph restoration and repair Motor complete rebuild, cleaning, main spring replacement, greasing, oiling, & adjustment: 1 and 2 spring motor rebuild -- - $280.

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9496 N. Victrola products are meticulously designed by a team of development experts and acoustic engineers to create the signature Victrola sound that remains unparalleled in the industry.

For parts and/or service to electric players or radios, please contact one of these 3 companies: West-Tech Services EMAIL or WEBSITE.

Antique phonograph/Victrola repair and restoration service.

net. Great Lakes Antique Phonograph.

$24. Repair, Parts & Accessories, Buy & Sell.

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The victrola repair service locations can help with all your needs.
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We also have a large stock of phonograph parts and. The markup to the customer was considerable; let's look at the 1913 breakdown for the sale of the popular Victrola XI, which sold to customers at a retail price of $100. We have.

Complete strip down of the entire motor including the frame, gears and all associated parts. $67. Contact/ email. $5. I’m located in Southern.

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PHONE: (231) 745-7175. We are one of the leading repair shops in the nation for service, repair and restoration of antique windup phonographs.


Repair, Parts & Accessories, Buy & Sell.

We provide a comprehensive line of Quality Products for total Restoration and Complete enjoyment of Mechanical Talking Machines.