Add Video Blur.

Censor faces, license plates and other private or sensitive information.

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Blur or pixelate videos.

. Tap Aa. Censor a Video; Learn how to blur/hide an object/face in a video in 3 steps.

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You can censor a video with a mosaic blur or by adding a graphic overtop of the parts you wish to hide.

Part 2: Get Beep Sound Effects from Filmstock.

To censor a video, or to cover a section of video - a face, a license plate, a. .

Move the slider between two markers to select it, it should be highlighted with orange color. Upload the video you want to censor.

This opens the Story editor.

Part 4: Add Beep Tones to Videos Online.

It’s all on Hulu.

Add Censor. Technically it’s a ready-to-use blurred rectangle. .

This will mark that portion of the message as a spoiler. So, in this article, we are going to show you four easy methods of adding a censor beep sound effect to a video. . . Technically it’s a ready-to-use blurred rectangle. Using the mouse, select near the part of the video you want to censor, then drag the mouse across the section.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to blur or censor faces or objects in your videos using two different motion tracking methods.

. Just tap and hold to censor an area on a video.


You can now play the video and check to see if your video is censored.


Slide the "Restricted Mode" switch to On.

A film censor is assigned to review a disturbing film that recalls her childhood memories.