German police on Wednesday raided homes of climate activists known for their controversial street blockade protests that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has blasted as "completely nuts".


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. However, most employers grant up to 30 days of annual leave. Holidays in Germany 2024.


Epiphany Friday January 06, 2023. Current local time in GermanyBavaria – Hallbergmoos. 25 December Christmas Day.

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. Fr 01/06/2023.

Su 01/01/2023. But we advise to pay attention to the forest campsites, because in the warm season they are protected from the scorching sun, and there is definitely.

Holidays, non-public holidays and events for Bavaria Germany.
New Year.

Subject: EU institution , public holiday IMMC : C(2021)3503/1191598.

May 4, 2023 · The minimum statutory vacation days an employee is entitled to in Germany are 20 days per year for a regular 5-day work week.

These dates may be. . .

Within Germany, in the region of Bavaria, there are 14 public holidays days for 2023. . . . Here’s a list of all the German public holidays you need to know in 2022 and 2023, as well as other important dates to make a note of on your calendar. Sun, MAY 14th 2023.


. Bavaria, with 13 public holidays per year, is the state with the most public holidays.

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Working days for 2023 for Germany.

Working days / Today.

Public holidays Germany 2023 There are 20 public holidays in the year 2023.